allegra heart is a producer and multi-instrumentalist based in los angeles, originally from philadelphia. their music combines twinkly guitar tones with floaty synth leads, along with unconventionally deep, whispery, and honest vocals.Their sophomore album 'buzzing' is a culmination of songs written and recorded at home (2020-2023). This album is largely about what there is to gain when we both understand and misunderstand each other, leading to their cheeky genre title: "communicationcore".



about allegra

A professional musician, an audio-visual technician, and an all-around creative.

I am into all things music and audio. As a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and sound designer, I have years of sound engineering and freelance music production experience. I bring a highly attuned ear, a great intuition around melody and rhythm, and accrued knowledge of the studio environment--on top of years of touring as a professional musician.With over five years as an Audio-Visual Technician at the world-renowned art institution the Barnes Foundation, I hold an expanse of knowledge about AV solutions, having used some of the most state of the art equipment available in the field. My years as a specialist have included: maintaining and setting up audio, video, lighting and projection packages, Zoom operations, Teams operations, live streaming, video switching, as well as live event production onsite.Along with a B.A. in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh, I have a writing and communication background that is less often found in the technical world. Many creatives know the ins-and-outs of their tools and equipment for example, but are not nearly as effective at communicating with clients. As a consequence, this can hinder collaborative artistic visions and clog up workflow. My services notably include a clear and constructive communication style.

  • Session work, recording, performing, and part-writing for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums and percussion, keyboard/piano, vocals

  • Touring as a hired professional musician

  • Music production (Logic Pro X, Pro Tools preferred)

  • Sound engineering (live tracked or remotely recorded)

  • Audio-visual technician services

  • Social media management and content creation

  • Voice narration, voice acting and voiceover work

  • Podcast production and editing

  • Videography, video production and editing

  • Film sound, sound design, film scoring


'Tism rizzm - 2024 Easterseals disability film challenge entry

sound by allegra eidinger

Squirrel hill falls (2020)

original score by Allegra
sound recordist credits

voice over by allegra eidinger

Allegra - i can barely hear it (official video)

Music and lyrics by Allegra
Animation and video by Allegra Eidinger
Outside concept/videography by Grace Schafer
Animation mentor: Cybee Bloss

Allegra - three two one (lyric video)

allegra eidinger drumming reel

music by allegra
animation by allegra eidinger

lofi beats to relax or stretch to - allegra

music by allegra
video by allegra eidinger
footage sampled from larry singer archives

Allegra - i'm an introvert (official video)

music by allegra
concept by anna azizzy and allegra eidinger
featuring allegra eidinger


allegra - a holy drought (live)

allegra - spoon or fork
(random tea session)

allegra - an allston pudding session

into the pitt: "snooze" with allegra


digital art